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Over the break I had plans to do a lot of writing, podcasting, and work on the website. [Side note – check out the 10 spot – it is not done but should be soon] None of this happened, like many educators my house got hit with the plague. Probably not the plague but we are all sick. So we spent more time watching TV and being on devices. I did a lot of reading and Twittering. I realized there are only a few educational influencers nation-wide that pop up again and again.

What I mean by nation-wide influencers are people who are considered the mover and shakers in more than a regional sense. People that are known in the EDUWorld as THE innovators and influencers.  I found this list through people I know of, people listed on “top” lists, or are listed as keynotes for major conferences. Essentially, these 15 people [list below] are the keynote speakers in EDU right now.

Currently, the United States has about 4 million K-12 educators, I am going to round my list up from 15 to 100, just to make the math easy and to capture people I do not know about. A list of 100 educators would be .0025% of the K-12 educators in the Country.

But how in the world can this be? I mean these 15 people are awesome and I have had the privilege of meeting 4 or 5 of them and seeing about half of them present. But should’t there be more people on this level that we know about and learn from?

If we want to get better as Country [educationally], the national PLN needs to be bigger. Educators in Northern California watch and follow all of these amazing Educators. They do set trends. I cannot speak for any other area, but Northern California has some amazing regional innovators and influencers. Educators that the rest of the Country could benefit greatly from.

In his book Where Do Good Ideas Come From,  Steven Johnson talks about how we do not have original ideas. Our ideas are little bits of information from all the interactions we have everyday.

Which means it is really important to have interactions with people that think differently than us. To have a large and diverse PLN. But .0025% of educators drive the trends of the national EDUWorld PLN. At least if you agree with my premise.

So what does all of this have to do with me and you? Great question! I am not for sure. I think we need more educators leading discussions on a national level. Not politicians, not consultants, not higher ed…actual on the ground educators.

There are too many amazing educators that should be heard and should help drive the conversation. I can think of 25 educators within my small circle that could change pieces of the educational landscape if given the platform.

So my challenge to you [and myself] is to not only follow and learn from the great educators below, find more! Find educators from near you and from across the Country. Once you find them, learn from them, share them with others, and reach out to them to encourage them.

Leadership is influence

National Top Influencers

Follow these people!


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  1. Cate Tolnai

    You are truly being an influencer right here and now! Thanks for sharing out, Joe, and doing the tough thinking!!


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