I am a husband (of an amazing woman), a father (of two awesome girls), a past radio DJ (Clark after Dark), and came into education as a CTE teacher (multimedia courses).

Currently, I am 5th year Vice Principal in the Sacramento area. Over the years I have worked in an affluent charter school, locked youth prison facility, comprehensive high school and in a core-model middle school setting.

I sit on the Board of Directors for Westlake Charter School in Sacramento. I have a passion for helping other administrators make changes through systems implementation and technology integration.

Core Values

I try very hard every day to live and work by the core values below:

  • Value people [over programs] – Treat everyone with respect-everyday-all the time
  • Be a faucet [not a drain] – Each moment matters-make each one positive
  • Be a filter – My positive [or negative] attitude will become that of those around me
  • Behavior then Beliefs – I can’t make anyone change their belief, but I can set expected behavior


I earned a Bachelors of Art in Radio Broadcasting from Greenville University and a Masters of Arts in Education [Curriculum and Design] from the University of Phoenix.

I love to learn. I have found that content on blogs, podcasts and Twitter can be my continuing education. The hard part is limiting myself as there is so much amazing content.